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Background[ edit ] “I’ve loved writing and recording the album throughout this year so I’m really excited for everyone to hear it! I feel like I’ve learnt a lot about myself going through the writing process, putting my experiences on paper and into the tracks. It’s a record I’m really proud of. Diddy’s Starmaker in and then Britain’s Got Talent in ; she got rejected from all. She went on to say the first time she got rejected she was disappointed as she thought she had a talent and could make it into the industry. She said she began to doubt her talent when she got rejected the fourth time. She said that the split from Malik inspired her on her debut album. She went on to reveal that her album was based on previous relationships and her children, which is why she co-wrote everyone song on the album so the album could be “more personal” to herself. Development[ edit ] Ferguson revealed that her journey throughout The X Factor and standing on the stage with Matt Cardle waiting for the winner’s name to be called out enthused her to put the “feelings of that” into her debut album.

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Her mediation and breathing exercise was totally needed and actually helped calm down my wild nerves,” Arie wrote in his People blog. And Kendall is a year-old creative director from Los Angeles, CA, who sang the Bachelor an original song on her ukulele. I really didn’t know how to react to a beautiful woman writing me a funny song other than to laugh and enjoy myself,” Arie wrote.

News, Arie suggested The Bachelor fans should take Kendall more seriously, because up until now, her strange taxidermy collection — including a seal for which she performs music — has been the focus of her footage. It’s just fun to see that back because I never saw that [seal] song.

Rebecca announces their break-up on Twitter. Rebecca Ferguson only recently said she was “in love” with her toy boy, One Direction’s Zayn Malik, but now their relationship is over.

The former One Direction star, 25, also begged Enrica Petrongari, 41, for sexy selfies after she visited his New York pad. The former burlesque dancer revealed the singer pestered her for selfies of her bum and spoke of his desire to have a threesome with her. Italian Enrica told The Sun on Sunday: He made me feel special. But after a while I realised that he was just using me. They got back together again in the summer and recently appeared on the cover of US Vogue.

I recognised him straight away as he is so famous. It was pretty surreal. He said he was very tired and stressed out.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: The couple prove to be on again with passionate kiss

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December One Direction come third in the X Factor final behind Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson, who he later dates. Image caption In the early days at a red carpet event in shortly.

Zayn Malik’s rise to fame Zayn Malik Photo: Citing a desire to “be a normal year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight”, Malik bowed out of the band that has brought him worldwide fame and success. Malik, 22, first shot to fame after appearing on the X Factor in , and although unsuccessful as a solo act he was chosen to join fellow contestants Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson in forming a new band called One Direction.

As a part of One Direction Bradford-born Malik enjoyed international success as a recording artist as the band became the first band in US Billboard history to have four albums debut at number one. In their five years as a band One Direction has also won awards worldwide. One Direction when they first launched in Credit: Most recently Malik’s personal life dominated the headlines again when a picture of him holding hands with a woman in Thailand appeared online, prompting him to publicly reaffirm his love for fiancee Edwards.

It is not yet known what Malik intends to do next but his departure from One Direction may not come as a surprise to fans as speculation over his future has been mounting since last week when he walked away from a current world tour because he was suffering stress. Timeline of Malik’s career: August – Chosen as one of five teenage solo contestants to form what later becomes One Direction.

December – One Direction finish the X Factor in third place, and come out of the show with a huge teenager following.

Louis Tomlinson

Rebecca and Zayn got together in after they both starred on series 7 of The X Factor. But back to Rebecca and Zayn. It’s been six whole years since their brief romance, and Rebecca is totally over it. She’s even had a baby since the fling, giving birth to a little girl in Zayn had a four-year relationship with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards and put a ring on it. That ended and he’s now dating Gigi Hadid.

With One Direction, Malik became an international pop star, known in the gossip sheets for dating other contestants of the X Factor, including Geneva Lane (season 7), Rebecca Ferguson (season 7) and Perrie Edwards (season 8). After a string of hits through , Malik announced in March of that he was leaving the group.

She must have been rocked when her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik ended his silence on their break-up and dubbed their romance ‘a mistake’ to the press last week. And now Rebecca Ferguson has opened up for the first time about how his comments shocked her. The former X Factor star, who dated the One Direction singer for four months last year, has admitted she was stunned to hear his remarks.

Rebecca Ferguson has admitted she felt ‘shocked’ when she heard that her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik dubbed their romance ‘a mistake’ last week Zayn told New! It was just a wrong idea from the start. We’re not in touch at all.


Share On Pinterest Recognized by the stage name Rebecca Ferguson, she is a British singer and songwriter who came under the spotlight in after coming up as the top two finalists of The X Factor Season 7. She began her professional singing career from that point and has earned huge success and fame till date.

She was born in a hospital in Liverpool as the first and the only daughter of a Jamaican couple. Her parents separated when she was 2, following which she and her brother was taken to Woolton Village by her mother. Being born into a family with weak financial background, Rebecca never had the right toys or clothes as a child in words of Rebecca but she was very hopeful to make something big out of nothing through her singing talent.

With this hope, she moved out from her home as a teenager and lived in Anfield.

ワン・ダイレクション(英: One Direction 、略称:1D)は、イギリスおよびアイルランド出身のメンバーからなるボーイズ・バンド。.

Leran a Little More about Zayn Malik His name is really spelled ‘Zain’ but he likes it better ‘Zayn’ but i bet you already knew that I bet that you already know this but if you didnt here you go. Used to write songs for his girlfriend. Secret talent is drawing. Zayn Malik got his first kiss 1 years before he was 11! Yes, he did, he did get his first kiss when he was 9 On The Xfactor Zayn got the attention of x-factor viewers when he didnt like to jointhe other x-factor contestants on stage for a dance routine during boot camp.

Simon Cowell notice him not willing to participate in the dancing routine and told him that by not dancing he was ruining the opportunity for himself Zayn Malik also wasnt a good dancer but bad mate Liam Payne has been helping him out with that Thats A Great Idea When Harry got his first tattoo, Zayn held his hand. If Zayn could have any super power it would be eternal youth Twitter Fact On all the boys twitter page, they have a link to the one direction fansite, but Zayn has a link to a website for Zayn Malik fans When He Finds The Perfect Girl When Zayn finds the perfect girl, the one he truely loves he would wait the right time, the right moment, the right place to sing “Let Me Love You” By Mario to her.

Since he was 8 he has been writing love songs and songs. He would write many loves songs for his girls friend to show her how much he loves her. Zayn is also waiting for his passionate kiss on the roof of a building When Zayn was asked if he was a boob, bum, or legs kind of man he said all 3 then added ” women are not objects” and then he said he perfers a good personality to all 3 of them.

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Report Story Be careful. Call me when you get there. Do not speak to unknow people,”Ava preaches over and over again. This must be the millionth time you’re telling me this,”I assure her. I got it and besides I’m only going home,” Yeah but you’re going without me so if anything happens to you I’m the one who’s going to be in hot waters. She was going to stay in New York for one more week whereas I was going home earlier.

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Rebecca Ferguson talks Zayn Malik, Heaven and her month long crushes!