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Did you know earrings originated in the Middle East? The oldest earrings were unearthed at the royal graves in Iraq! In the Renaissance era, earrings were not popular. Women wore wigs, elaborate hairstyles and high collared dresses obscuring the ears. It was not until the 17th century when women wore their hair back that earrings were back in fashion. In the early 18th century, women wore bonnets with wide ribbons covering the ears and chins.

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Necklaces with artistic gemstone pendant designs Chokers with gemstones with filigree designs around the settings All chain chokers Chain drop necklaces drop looks similar to the modern y-necklace style Most Victorian book chain jewelry was made out of copper, gold, brass or gold-plated metal. The Victorian era included a larger number of long necklaces. During the Art Deco era, there was a larger selection of choker necklaces and short necklaces, such as fringe and bib necklaces, that could be worn with more open neck style of clothing woman wore.

Some designs were bolder, bordering on gaudy.

Dating back to the seventeenth century, cufflinks first appeared in Europe (particularly, Great Britain) gracing the wrists of upper-class gentlemen. Prior to its existence, buttons were used only for decoration; to keep their clothes together, men used pins, laces, and straps.

Reply There is nothing like a nice handband to perk up an otherwise nondescript hat. This article focuses mainly on hatbands but you will see that many of the example hats also have stampede strings. In case you are not familiar with them, they are basically a chinstrap fastener that can be used either under the chin or at the back of the head to help hold a hat on in the wind or during a stampede!!! They are usually left loose until needed as shown by Tom Selleck — sigh!

There are various ways of attaching stampede strings to hats. Most of the hats shown here use the method where the stampede string encircles the crown and then passes through holes on either side of the brim. But there are other ways to attach them. I will leave that for you to research — there are many helpful how-to articles on the internet. Most hats come with a ribbon band of some kind, narrow to wide.

Depending on the hat, this might look the best. Other hats look great with a touch of horsehair either as a separate hatband or as part of the stampede string. Almost any hat looks good with a concho belt hat band and some look good with beaded hat bands. By the way………hatbands are not just for western hats…………they look great on most panama straw hats as well, as one of the examples below will show.

Maybe even on a fedora for the adventurous!

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Dating from the s through the s. A total of 24 pieces and ‘s the list: They are a Rhinestone stretch three row bracelet, large horse blanket brass pin, mobe pearl stick pin maybe Avon, clip back gold and green stone dangle earrings, snake clamp bracelet, mini shell bracelet, disc necklace colored metals bronze, silver and goldtone, single strand carved composition bead necklace in ivory and brown tones, single strand white beads with carved gold tone beads, and the turtle pins in assorted colors.

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In order to make your own designer brads, you will need the following: clear or colored ultra thick embossing enamel, brads, glitter, ink, acrylic paint, a heat gun, and tweezers. Brads are brass paper fasteners. Dip the brads in glitter paint and enamel. Allow them to dry.

It could be a pretty nice Colonial Revival chest or desk or dresser, in excellent condition, that catches your fancy. But is it all original? And does it matter? Whether it matters is a concern for another day. Today the discussion is just on determining the originality of hardware. Since changing or altering hardware is one of the quickest and cheapest ways of improving the look of an otherwise-bland piece, the pulls are always suspect, especially if they look really good.

Early 18th century hardware was cast from molten brass using molds made of sand. The backs of this type of hardware were often left with the impression of the sand while the faces were polished. Around the middle of the 18th century the customary blend of copper and zinc was changed to include more copper, giving the alloy more of a reddish cast than the pale yellow brass used for hardware earlier in the century.

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This necklace is vintage, dating from early to mid 20th century, genuine, solid, high grade silver, diamond wheat link flexible woven three chain necklace from Indonesia. This is the older type of handmade chain, not the newer light weight machine made chain.

In the Sasanian period iv. In the Sasanian period Female dress Investigation of female dress in the Sasanian period c. The dress worn by females who were neither royal nor divine consisted of a long tunic derived from the Greek chiton , either unbelted with long sleeves or sleeveless and girt below the breast. A veil worn over the sleeved tunic, draped around the lower body and passing over the left shoulder Ghirshman, , p. It was still popular in the 6th and 7th centuries attested on silver plates in the Guennol and Arthur M.

A variation of the veiled tunic is seen on a series of silver-gilt vases and ewers depicting female dancers and generally dated to the 5th and 6th centuries. Prudence Harper has traced this dress to 2nd- and 3rd-century costume of the eastern Mediterranean , p. The veil, which is draped over the left shoulder with the ends hanging behind or folded on the shoulder, is decorated on the upper thigh with a rosette enclosed in a jeweled border plate lxx , plate lxxi ; Peck, pls.

The tunic is patterned with rosettes. The bodice closes down the front, where parallel bands disappear under the veil, and there is a high collar with rosettes or button forms, probably fasteners plates lxx, lxxi. The harpists also wear heavy torques with rosette pendants plate lxx; Fukai and Horiuchi, I, pls.

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Reddit A team of archaeologists working at the Heraclea Sintica site near Petrich in Bulgaria have found a large, extremely well-preserved, gold necklace, possibly dating from the fourth century CE. Earlier, the city was the site of a settlement by the Thracian tribe the Sintians. The gold necklace was made in one of the elite ateliers in ancient Rome, according to a report by Bulgarian National Television. Researchers suggest that the necklace was lost in the panic when the violent earthquake destroyed the city.

The place of the August find was an unexpected one. Most finds of jewellery and gold are in necropolises, in the graves of wealthy people, not in the city.

Formal is, of course, dating or Office use because to add to one’s wardrobe is recommended. We offer a number of various parties such as weddings, wedding reception, party, /5(42).

Dictionary , Thesaurus , Financial , Wikipedia. The most universal forms of jewelry are the necklace, bracelet, ring ring, small ornamental hoop usually worn on finger or thumb, but it may be attached to the ear or the nose. Finger rings made of bronze, gold, and silver from the period c. Click the link for more information. One of the earliest human artifacts, pins were at first made of thorns, bone, or wood and were used as clothing fasteners, hairpins, and meat skewers.

These long, single-shaft pins were early imitated in metal and were often tipped with ornamental knobs. Since prehistoric times the ear has been pierced for the insertion of the earring; certain primitive tribes distort the lobe with plugs several inches in diameter or with heavy stones. Its use antedates clothing, and it has been made of a variety of materials including berries, nuts, seeds, perforated stones, feathers, hair, teeth, bone, shells, ivory, and metals.

Although bronze and silver have been used by primitive peoples and in modern handwrought jewelry, gold has usually been the preferred metal. Jewelry has been decorated by engraving, embossing, etching, and filigree, and by application of enamel, mosaic, gems gem, commonly, a mineral or organic substance, cut and polished and used as an ornament.

Gems also are used as seals items of assurance and as talismans good-luck charms. For birthstones, see month. The Ancient World The wearing of jewelry has very ancient roots. The oldest examples discovered to date are about 75, old.

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